RISE like a girl strives to make an impact by creating social transformation in the minds and hearts of young girls. 

Here's what some of our lovely parents had to say: 

"RISE like a girl has been valuable because MaKayla is around girls who are inspired by each other in a positive way." 

"I have noticed that she is more responsible and believes she can be anything she wants to be."

"She has more of a positive outlook on things and is more open with her feelings." 

"Kymori is much more confident in her daily activities. Not only is a positive thinker, but she consistently helps others with their attitudes and positivity." 

"Girl empowerment is so essential. These young ladies are able to embrace their love for one another and create special bonds." 

"Thank you Ms. Martin. This has been a special experience for my special daughter and it only takes a special teacher to do this very special thing. You are amazing." 

"It is great to have people like you that not only help with their education but help them grow in life." 

"Taking these girls under your wing shows you go above and beyond to make sure not only you impact lives but these girls do too!"

And of course, our girls had something to say as well: 

"In RISE like a girl we talked about being FEARLESS. You can always be that amazing person. Just do it." 

"RISE like a girl has helped me use my self confidence when I play
soccer with the boys."

"Now we are more confident. When we walk out those doors, we are not the same person anymore. Now we know how to solve problems."

"RISE like a girl helped me find the real me." 

"My favorite part about being in RISE like a girl is that I feel more safe being a girl in my life." 

"RISE like a girl helped me to help a friend that really needed it and I inspired them just like Ms. Martin inspired us."

"I have used RISE like a girl by being strong even though people say I'm ugly or they put me down. They don't affect me." 

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