RISE like a girl is a girl empowerment organization created to inspire young girls to love, express, and be who they truly are inside. RISE like a girl aims to encourage girls to rise above societal limitations and live the life they've always imagined. We strive for a transformation where our girls can turn doubt into affirmation and weakness into power. RISE girls know that the power is in their hands. As empowered girls, they have the tools to make their own choices, strive for greatness, and make their mark in the world. Currently, RISE like a girl serves as an after school club for girls ages 8-10 at a public charter school in Houston, Texas.

Every single day, girls are bombarded with messages and images that attack their sense of worth and power. Girls all over the world are faced with the feeling of never being good enough to amount to anything.  This HAS to change! We have the power to make sure that this doesn’t happen to our girls. Together, we can transform self-doubt into self-love by creating a safe space for community and discussion. We will make this dream a reality by fostering deep, intellectual conversations on topics such as self-esteem, body image, the power of having a voice, the privilege of education, and gender equality. Our dream is to foster a culture where girls can be seen, heard, and belong so that ultimately they can change their lives and create a healthier, more equal world.

R – Respect; respecting our bodies and respecting ourselves to know that we deserve better 

I – Imagine; imagining the possibilities of a more equal world for girls everywhere

S – Support; supporting our fellow sisters in unity to walk hand-in-hand along the path to a brighter future

E – Empower; empowering ourselves and our sisters to seek leadership and knowledge to rise up and make an impact 

The RISE like a girl empowerment club is just the beginning. There are so many other things in the works to make this organization bigger and better! Girl empowerment is a global mission. All girls deserve to live an equal, purposeful life. Within the next few years, RISE like a girl plans to transform girl world as we know it by implementing the following programs:

A summer day camp for a variety of age ranges
Speaking tours
After-school empowerment clubs nation wide

RISE like a girl is on a mission to make our world a more equal place for women by teaching our girls to rise like stars. Girl world will never be the same!

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