Shirts for Sale!!

Hi everyone! 

As you all know, the girls and I received beautiful RISE like a girl t-shirts a couple months ago. We are absolutely in love with the shirts! Many of YOU were loving the shirts as well and expressed interest in buying one too! I am pumped that so many of you want to support us by rocking your very own RISE like a girl shirt. 


RISE like a girl t-shirts are now available for purchase! 

As you can see, they are a beautiful purple color with our logo on the front and our favorite quote on the back. 

Little girls with dreams become women with vision. 

"HOW DO I GET ONE?!" you ask??

For only $15, you can make a big difference for our organization. Click the SUPPORT US tab above and follow the directions for PayPal. The order will be sent to me and I will send you a personal email confirmation to let you know I received it. 

Your support will not only provide more opportunities for the 19 beautiful & deserving girls in my club this year but it will also make a statement in saying that girl empowerment is important

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU in advance for your endless love and support. I am so excited to share this part RISE like a girl with all of you! 

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