How to be a Feminist in 5 Easy Steps!

This week, the girls and I revisited the topic of the F Word. The girls learned about the word during a lesson I did about a year ago (you can find that blog post here).  Back then, I told them my journey to becoming a feminist based on my own life experiences that led me to believe that gender equity is important. 

But now, the beautiful thing about RISE like a girl is that the girls now have their own story to tell. Each of them can identify the defining moments in their lives that characterize their unique perspective. From being called names by their peers, to doing something that's "just for boys", to standing up for what they believe in, each girl has a story. Their stories of victory and defeat define their feminist identity. Their experiences inspire them to not only be advocates for themselves, but advocates for everyone around them. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a girl speak her truth and hold her head high, knowing that she is fully control of the rest of her life. That's what feminism is all about. 

If you didn't already know, there's actually another chapter of RISE like a girl at my school. My best friend, Maia, leads a group of 20 second graders and follows the curriculum I wrote. So basically, those girls are doing all of the lesson that my girls did last year. Her girls are supposed to be learning about feminism this week but I was having a hard time finding something that was appropriate and meaningful for a child to understand. Videos and literature for kids on the topic of feminism just doesn't exist...or at least it's hard to find. So, instead of trying to find it, I made it myself! I was inspired by this video here that was made for adults and the girls and I made our own version!

The video asks 4 simple questions: 

1. What does feminism mean to you?
2. Feminism is not...
3. The world needs feminism because...
4. Advice to someone who doesn't believe in feminism 

Watch the video below or watch it here :)

In honor of the video, I created a list!  


1. Seek understanding in someone else's story 
There is power in a story. When we take the time to understand what someone else has overcome, we start to assign value to them in a way we haven't before. We begin to see them in a new light and we respect them for they are everything they are going to be. We humanize them, love them, and accept them because they deserve to be heard. 

2. Lead with love 
Think about how different the world would be if there was a little more love. We often enter relationships with our guards up, defensive to people we don't know as a way of protecting ourselves from harm. It's understandable because there's a lot of hate and competition out there. However, when we enter relationships with love instead, it can make a huge impact. It sends a message to others that we cherish them, what they have to say is important, and their needs & desires really do matter. Leading with love not only makes them feel good, but it makes you feel good as well! 

3. Encourage change 
Change can be difficult to accept because it requires us to step outside of our comfort zone. It's easy to stay where we are and never leave because well, we're good at it! And who doesn't love being good at something? However, if we constantly live in the past and continue to settle for the same old thing, we'll fail to be anything but average. When we encourage change, it forces us to open our eyes, defy the limits, and challenge what we ever thought was possible. Change opens our hearts and mind to new beginnings. 

4. Seek solidarity 
It's natural for us to focus on the differences that separate us from our peers. Her hair is shorter than mine, his family doesn't speak English like I do, my house is bigger than hers, so on and so forth. When we do that, though, it tears us apart from someone that may be exactly the kind of person we need in our lives. That person may have something to offer you that fills a void you've always wanted filled. Solidarity means unity or a common interest amongst a group. Although at first two groups may independently seem so different, there is beauty in the similarity. The similarities, although they may be small at first, are what binds us together. Seeking solidarity fosters love, acceptance, and tolerance despite differences. 

5. Face your ignorance 
Sometimes the hardest things to accept are the things we know nothing about. We base our understanding of people and things based on an idea we've made up in our heads without actually learning about it on our own. We accept the stereotype as the ultimate truth and we fail to see anything else but that. In order to correct our mindset, we need to come to terms with what we don't know and seek understanding. Whether it's by trying out a new activity or having a personal conversation with someone you've never spoken to before, we can challenge our ignorance by facing it head-on. By approaching new things and people with a welcoming heart, we can create a much more peaceful world. 

So, are you a feminist? 
How will YOU be an advocate for women? 
Leave a comment down below! 

Sending you all lots of love & gratitude! If you enjoyed the video, please share it with people you know! :)

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