Rise Like Misty

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to the holiday season. I know that I'm enjoying the return of all the pretty lights, the Christmas trees, and of course the music! I hope y'all are taking the time to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year with little stress and lots of love! 

This week's lesson was devoted to giving the girls another example of a positive female role model. It's really important to me that I give the girls examples of women in the media that show that girls can be smart, strong, and successful. Women like that are not always easy to find. For the modern girl who gets most of her influence from social media, they commonly see girls presenting themselves in a way that flaunts her body, diminishes her mind, and silences her voice. In "girl world" today, women are being put on a pedestal for how tiny her waist is or how full her lips are. But what's missing from that image is the impeccable beauty that lives on the inside - the way she talks about her passions, the way she smiles when she spends time with the people she loves, and the way her body proves its strength every time she steps outside. You can't get all of that from an Instagram picture. There are tons of women out there that exhibit more power and resilience than could ever be captured in a photograph. We need to hear their story. 

© Henry Leutwyler.  Misty Copeland, American Ballet Theatre: Misty Copeland is a professional ballerina. She is admired for being the first black woman to receive the honor of Principal Dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. Unlike most ballerinas that have been dancing from a young age, Misty did not begin ballet until she was 13 years old. Before she was discovered, she lived with her single mother and 5 siblings in a motel room. Becoming a famous ballerina was not an expected outcome for Misty's life. She didn't have access to to the same privileges and opportunities that many other girls her age had. After being discovered at her local Boys & Girls Club, Misty's talents soared and she became a professional ballerina just after a year of lessons. However, her success did not come without challenges. She was told several times that she was too old and did not have the body to be a perfect ballerina. Against the odds, Misty rose above the limitations to achieve her dreams. She used the doubt to fuel an unstoppable fire within her. Misty continues to be a positive example of passion, strength, and grace. 

My girls can see themselves in Misty. She wasn't blessed with a tons of money, a family home, or a "normal" family. The odds were against her from the beginning and she had to work extremely hard just to be on an even playing field with her peers. And although those facts seems to set up a life of disappointment and failure, Misty had the one thing that truly mattered: heart. She had the drive and determination to rise. She didn't make excuses, she didn't give up, she simply fought for what she deserved. I know that my girls will face endless amounts of adversity as they grow up, but with role models like Misty and RISE like a girl, they can do anything

Let's make our strength the most beautiful thing about us. Because I am strong, I will never fail to believe that I am worthy of success. Because I am powerful, I will dream big and not stop until I get there. Because I am a girl, I will rise


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  1. Beautiful!! like all you do for this girls, THANKS.for being in our lives :)