The Crossroads of Should and Must

It happens to all of us - we're busy, stressed out, and we have a million things to get done before we can sit down to relax. We spend our days thinking about how to meet a deadline, what to make for dinner, and how to make our loved ones happy. We get so caught up in the shuffle of day-to-day life that we find ourselves just going through the motions without ever stopping to think about what truly matters. It's perfectly okay to feel this way but we're losing sight of something really important. 

Lately, I find myself asking: Why am I here? What is the reason I was put here on this earth? What is my purpose? 
I think the idea of purpose is something that evolves over time. What I thought was my purpose a few years ago is not necessarily my purpose anymore. If I'm being completely transparent with you, I have definitely been struggling with this a lot lately. I'm the kind of person that is 100% driven by purpose. If I don't feel passion for it, I don't do it. I've been a teacher for 3 years now. I like my job and I believe that what I do is significant, but my heart is with my girls and my organization. RISE like a girl is on my mind constantly and I am brought to tears whenever I even think about my girls. Without a doubt, I know in my heart that girl empowerment is my purpose. Those girls are my reason for waking up every morning and pushing towards my goals. They inspire me to love harder, dig deeper, and rise above any obstacles that limit me. RISE like a girl is my why

What is your WHY? 

I truly believe that we were all put here for a reason. Each and every one of us has something special to offer this world that no one else has. We each have a unique light within us that allows us to shine brightly wherever we are and make a difference. So, what is yours? 

I read a book this summer that made such in impact on the way I think about my future. The book, The Crossroads of Should and Must, is all about identifying your true calling. She differentiates between two paths: should and must. We can choose one or we can choose both. The trouble with choosing only one path, is that we tend to choose the path of should. "Should" is all about doing the things we feel like we have to do, or our expectations. For many of us, our job is a "should". We go every day because it pays the bills, but is it making you feel alive inside? Is it fueling a fire within you that you didn't know you had? If it's not, where's the joy in that? 

What's the point in being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable? 

Choose must. The path of "must" is all about doing the things that fuel our fire, ignite our passions, and give us purpose. When we choose must, we are no longer have a job but we have a calling. We're no longer going through the motions, but we're living a life that is exciting, fresh, and new at the start of every day. Our hearts are full of joy because we know that we're living our purpose and using our unique talents to be something special. Choosing must is choosing to not settle for less than your best. Choosing must is digging deeper to unlock our true potential. Choosing must is choosing JOY. 

But, choosing must isn't always easy. It's hard to break free from normalcy and do something outside of what's expected. When you choose must, you're also choosing fear, self-doubt, and vulnerability. Choosing must makes you open to other people to critique you and bring you down. And sometimes, choosing must makes you have to defend who you are in a way you never have before. I can speak from experience when I say that choosing must a super scary place to be. Creating RISE like a girl was a leap of faith. I didn't know how people were going to react and in the beginning I had to defend my passion more than I ever expected. Choosing must forced me to put it all out in the open and allow people into a special place in my heart that I had never shared before. I was terrified and insecure but when I look back, I'm so glad I took that leap. Choosing must has lead me to some wonderful places already and I know it will continue to get even better. 

Motivational Print Mark Twain Quote Chalkboard Art door LilyandVal: What if choosing MUST doesn't necessarily pay the bills or fulfill your expectations at this current season of your life? That's okay! My "must" isn't enough for me right now either. Although I would LOVE to just do RISE like a girl 24/7, that's just not practical right now. However, pursuing your "must" is a journey that we can build upon over time. For example, you can still fulfill your "should" obligations while taking the baby steps you need in pursuit of your must. And if you take those baby steps long enough, hopefully you'll be able to live your "must" full time! How amazing would it be to live a life where you get to fulfill your calling each and every day? There is no better joy that doing what you love. 

What is your MUST? What is your WHY? 

Stop settling and start pursuing the life you've always imagined. 

Sending you love and well wishes your way! Thank you all for following along on my journey to "must"!

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