Girl Haters

Yea, I'll say it... girls are mean! Everyone knows it's true. Girls have a reputation for being really mean to one another. From cat fights, to gossiping, to seeking revenge, as a gender we're great at making others feel bad about themselves. I've talked a lot about how our patriarchal society holds us back, but are we part of the problem too? Are we contributing to the way the world perceives women? We might just be. 

So, why do we do it? Why do we feel the need to hit each other where it hurts even when the rest of the world is already against us? The girls and I put together this list: 

  • competition - we have to be the best, the smartest, the most beautiful, and the most talented
  • jealousy - we always want what someone else has, we desire to be someone other than ourselves
  • insecurity - we're hurting and we want others to feel as bad as we do 
  • connection - we understand, we sympathize, and we know what hurts the most 
Whether we like it or not, we're all guilty of "girl hating" from time to time. Sometimes we do it to someone's face, but most of the time it's done behind their back. However, we tend to forget that our behavior, good and bad, defines us. The men and boys that are watching us being jealous, catty, and competitive are forming an opinion in their mind of what it means to be a girl. When we demean our gender by representing ourselves poorly and treating other women with disrespect, men are quickly forming an idea of how they think women want to be treated. When women treat each other disrespectfully, it gives men the okay to treat us with disrespect as well. In no way am I saying that is ever acceptable for a man to treat a woman that way. But if we can't even support each other, how can we expect anyone else to support us? 

Ladies, we need to start loving each other. We need to stop bringing each other down. In order for women to be seen in a different light, we need to set the example. If we want men to see as capable and empowered people, we need to act like it. We must do better. Instead of calculating when and how you're going to be more successful than that other woman you work with, support her and lift her up! How special would it be to stop feeling jealous and just feel genuine happiness for others' success? That sounds so freeing! 

We rise by lifting others. #wisdom #affirmations: RISE like a girl is on a mission to transform girl world as we know it. We want girls everywhere to have the opportunity to reach for the stars and make their own choices. This will never happen if we keep encouraging men to perceive us in a negative way. The girls and are committing to make a conscious effort to be kind and supportive to all women because we know that "we rise by lifting others".  

Instead of trash talking someone behind their back, let's speak words of love behind their back (and to their face too, of course). 

The girls practiced this by writing kind messages on a sticky note and posting it on someone's back. What a beautiful way to spread love and support! 

Together, we can transform girl world into a place where girls respect, love, and support one another. In turn, the rest of the world will respect us too. 

Let's stop hating and start loving
Fill your heart with all of the beauty this world has to offer by lifting up a girl who needs your support. As girls, we now how tough this world can be - why make it any harder? 

RISE above the negativity. RISE like a girl. 

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