Supporting One Another

My absolute favorite thing about being a teacher is that I get to form relationships with my students. I get to share my hopes, my dreams, and my passions with them, and they get to share their's with me. I am privileged enough to share my knowledge with them and watch them grow into beautiful, empowered young people. But it's not just about their growth - it's about my growth too. From the celebrations we have together to the days where they seem to have lost their mind (teachers/parents, I know you understand), every single day contributes to my transformation of being the person I have always wanted to be. These little people, whether they know it or not, encourage me to be better than I was yesterday. They fuel the passions within me they weren't alive before. These kids bring so much joy to my life and I am lucky enough to consider them a part of my family here in Houston. Our relationship gives me the space to share the things that I'm most passionate about, such as girl empowerment. 

During the entire month of March, I taught my students about Women's History Month. My favorite thing that we did is make this amazing Rosie the Riveter mural. Each one of my students took part in creating this symbol of power and determination. We did this project to show how we need the support of others to achieve our dreams. As much as we like to believe we can do it on our own, the reality is simply that we cannot. We need to work together to pursue the life we truly desire. 

I decided to make this the message of this week's Girl Rising as well. I want them to know that Girl Rising is like a sisterhood in which they can feel supported and lifted up. They are free to be who they are without fear of judgement, because they know that they will always be encouraged by the other girls. We've been together now since October so the girls have developed a true friendship with each other. They have shared things with one another that they haven't shared with anyone else. I am so proud of how much they have grown and the little feminists they have become. 

Check out one of their journal entries from this past week: 
A girl needs to do what she needs to do. Men should not make us forget our lives
or control us women. So those women who are controlled by men, just know that you
are one of the 1 million women are like you. And also know that you are not alone.

Wow. These girls continue to impress me more each week. They are finally able to take things from their own life, apply what they learned in Girl Rising, and form their own thoughts and opinions. I am so inspired by what they are able to do. 

For a little fun, we embraced our girl power by breaking up into teams to compete in relay races. Just like the mural, they had to work together to be successful. 

Thank you to everyone that supports me every week by reading my blog! This wouldn't be possible without all of you! Have a wonderful week! :) 

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