I Have an Idea...

Ideas. We all have them. However, the most important question we should be asking ourselves is: What do we do with them? 

Ideas are something that fill our minds constantly. Whether we're upset, angry, passionate, inspired, or simply just feeling creative, ideas awaken within us as a way of sparking a change. But what actually makes our ideas notable? Putting them into action is what takes our ideas to the next level. Action transforms a simple idea into something that changes the world and makes an impact. 

I read the book What Do You Do With an Idea? to the girls this past Thursday. This book is wonderful because it does an awesome job at symbolically depicting how an idea can transform into something tangible. It starts with a boy who has this idea (represented by an egg-like figure) that keeps following him around. At first, he ignores his idea because he's not sure how feels about it. He's also worried about what other might think about his idea. Something important to note is that all of the illustrations are in black and white except for the idea which is in color. Eventually, he starts to feel comfortable with his idea and he continues to give it more attention. As he does this, his idea starts to grow until finally it grow so big that it actually comes true! His world suddenly fills with color because his idea has finally awakened. The central message by the end is that when we give our ideas the attention they need to flourish, we can change the world. 

This book really spoke to me. When I look at the girls in Girl Rising every week, I am reminded with how my idea has come true. As a college freshman, I had a simple idea to start something for girls. It was under-developed and small, but it was something. As the years went by, I started to ignore it. I feared what others would think, I feared if people would care, but most importantly, I feared that I didn't have the ability to make it come true. I pushed it to the side and said, "Oh, I'll get to that later" because I didn't believe in myself. But as you all know, a few months ago I decided to finally put my fears to the side and nurture my idea. As soon as I gave my idea the nourishment and attention it needed, it came true! Looking back now, I can't believe I waited so long. I am happier now than I have ever been because I am fulfilling my purpose. I went after my idea and now I get to enjoy the benefits on a weekly basis with nineteen amazing girls. 

Don't let your ideas just sit there. Acknowledge them, pursue them, and make it happen. Your idea can change the world. 

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