What are you afraid of? Whether it's spiders, the dark, or birds in my case, we're all afraid of something. But the things that cripple us the most are those that we cannot see or touch. They often hold us back from pursuing our dreams and being our best selves. Only when we let go of our fear can we fulfill the wonderful purpose that we were put on this earth to do. 

I asked my girls what they were afraid of and they did a really good job of digging deep for some more serious fears. Here's a few they listed: 
  • Losing a friend or family member 
  • Embarrassing myself 
  • Not fitting in 
  • Moving to a new school and having to make new friends 
We talked about what to do when we're feeling afraid. As an empowered girl, we should allow ourselves to be fearless ever in scary, uncomfortable situations. When we face our fears and lead with bravery, nothing is out of reach. Fearlessness leads to endless possibilities. 

I wanted to send the message to my girls that fearlessness means standing up for something without being afraid of what people think and what they will say. Fearlessness means speaking your mind even when no one else shares the same opinion. Fearlessness means staying true to yourself even when you have to stand alone. This message is very important to my girls because they see tons of things going on at school that they don't agree with yet they lack the courage to speak up. As empowered girls or women, are we using our voice most effectively? Are we standing up for ourselves and making sure we get what we deserve? This is a question I ask myself quite often. I hope to live my life more fearlessly in hopes of being a better role model for my girls. 

I decided to show my girls this video. Someone posted it on Facebook and it was probably one of the most moving and inspiring things I've ever seen. I realize some people may think the content of this video is semi inappropriate for 2nd and 3rd graders. However, they really only picked up the things they could understand. Also, the purpose of them watching was for them to listen for the passion in the voices and how they are showing fearlessness. Enjoy! 


So powerful. The girls felt it. I felt it. If only we could all speak with such conviction about the things that matter to us the most. Who wouldn't be on board if we used our voice in this way? Let's inspire our girls to realize when something isn't right. Let's encourage them to get seek passion, get angry, and speak out to defend the truth. Let's support them in using their voice as a force to change the world. 

I gave the girls the assignment of creating their own spoken word poem in which to voice something that bothers them. We'll be working on it this coming week as well. I can't wait to show you all the finished product. :) 

As a bonus, here's a poem one of my 3rd graders wrote on besties (the topic from last week). She's amazing! 

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