Voicing our insecurities

Oh my goodness, this week was MAGICAL. I almost wish someone else was in the room to witness the amazingness that occurred. I'm not even sure how to describe it to y'all but I'll try my best. 

This week's meeting was about bringing our insecurities to light by sharing them with others. I know it seems like such a sad topic but I'm planning on building on this topic in the following weeks and it will all come full circle. I started the meeting getting everyone together and I opened up to them about all of the things in my life that had made me feel inadequate or insecure. I pretty much told them everything and allowed myself to be vulnerable. I told them things that many of my friends and family don't even know. It was difficult, but I did it for two reasons: 1. to make them feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable too and 2. for those that may have similar feelings, they can rest assured knowing they're not alone. The girls were really interested in my story and it felt so freeing to share my story with them. 

When I told the girls they were going to share their insecurities with their friends in a small group, some of them immediately had a look of fear on their face. I expressed to them the importance of sharing because when we are able to voice the feelings that cripple us on a daily basis with someone, they become much less sad. When we share our feelings of self-doubt with others, it becomes much easier to keep sharing our story and it allows others, who might be struggles with the same thing, to feel as though they're not alone. Instead of allowing the feeling to have all the power, we can put the power back in our hands by opening up. 

The girls met in their small groups and took turns sharing with one another. It was beautiful to watch them listen and support each other. One that really got me was when one of my 3rd grade girls opened up about how much she dislikes her freckles. She could barely get the words out before she put her hand over her face and started to cry. The girls in her group immediately embraced her and told her that they love her. It was amazing. I was a mess just watching it happen. 

We met again as a whole group at the end and I gave them to opportunity to share if they felt comfortable. I was surprised by how many of them were willing to share their story. It was heartbreaking to listen to, but magical at the same time. There were so many tears but it was truly a turning point for Girl Rising. When we meet again this Thursday, I know that we won't be the same because we have connected on such an authentic level. They now know so much about me and I know so much about them. We share something so special. I have been forever changed and I hope the girls feel that way too. 

"Don't let comparison steal your joy."

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