The Perfect Body

This week in Girl Rising...

How this makes me feel is don't let someone make you think that you are not important
because you are important to this world. Don't let them steal your joy. I love you
and your joy. Don't put on makeup because the real you is beautiful. If they don't
that then I do. 

If people were more concerned with how they
looked on the inside then the outside, the
world would be a nicer place to exist.
Happiness and confidence are the prettiest
things you can wear. Outer beauty
pleases the eye, inner beauty
captivates the heart.

After last week's magical moments of sharing our insecurities, this week was all about discovering the root of the problem. Where do we get these ideas of not feeling good enough? 

I gave the girls the challenge of drawing a picture of a girl with the "perfect body". They split up and separated from each other to make sure that their ideas were not influenced by someone else's. This is what they came up with: 

We came back together to make a list of what qualities make up the "perfect body". They told me things like blonde hair, short in height, skinny, clear skin, and long, flowy hair. I asked them where we get these ideas from and together, we came to the conclusion that we see those qualities in princesses, dolls, models, and actresses. We looked around the room and realized that all of us don't really look like those people. I posed the questions: Does that mean I'm ugly? Does that mean I'm not good enough? Does that make those women better than me? All of the girls quickly confirmed that even though we're different, we are just as beautiful. 

After, we watched this video. I wanted to show the girls that the beautiful women we see in magazines and on TV are, more times than not, completely digitally altered. As girls, we spend so much time trying to be something that was actually created by a computer. The women that we idolize in the media have flaws and imperfections just like you and me. 

Then we watched another video to show that we see ourselves differently than the way the people in our lives see us. Sometimes, we spend so much time picking on our imperfections that we fail to see the qualities that make us unique and beautiful. The insecurities that we talked about last week are all that we can see. However, the people in our lives that love us don't see those imperfections at all. Instead, they only see our beauty, our talents, our shining personality that sets us apart from the rest. This video highlights that sometimes people see us better than we see ourselves. 

I encourage you to finish this sentence: 
I am beautiful because ____________. 

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